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All of us can see the power of football fans community in real-world. Every match, every championship, you can see crowds on stadium and millions in front of the TV. This phenomenon is not just about watching some guys playing, it's about people, about community around theirs club, theirs team. Why then do not move it into virtual world? To allow an ordinary football fan to be like characters in Green Street Hooligans, but without real violence and hooliganism? We didn't see any reason why not, and after few months of work, we can proudly present:

Hools: Football Club Territory is a location-based mobile multiplayer RPG, which moves the competition between football club supporters to virtual world. You begin by registering a new club or joining an existing one. By then inviting your friends you develop the community upon which your club stands. The goal? To conquer and control districts within your city and beyond. For this you must train and equip yourself, so as always to be ready for a face-to-face encounter with the opposition. Can you stand your ground?

Hools: Football Club Territory BETA at a glance: